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Return Policy



※ 貼心提醒:
1. 紋身器材商品並無試用期,如有新品故障或著新品不良等問題,商品退貨時需保持商品原狀,無使用過及包裝外盒完整、未拆封膜。
2. 每張訂單僅提供乙次免費退換貨服務,請確實檢查商品後再申請退換貨,若於第一次申請後需再退換其他商品,需自行負擔運費。(若退貨後商品未達免運標準,則原始訂單將加計公告運費)
3. 如需退換貨請Email至:howandping@gmail.com 填寫欲申請退貨的“訂單編號”、“原因”與“聯繫方式” >確認送出後,由專人為您處理後續問題。
4. 若已詳閱退換貨辦法說明,或是與客服專員確認退換貨所需資訊無誤後,專員便會為您辦理退換貨後續流程。
5. 若為刷卡分期付款者,僅接受整筆訂單退貨,無法提供部分退貨服務。
6. 加購價、組合優惠、滿額折扣或滿額贈品訂單:
● 主商品辦理退貨,只保留加購商品時,加購商品將恢復原價計算。
● 組合優惠、滿額折扣,若退貨後未達活動優惠件數或金額,保留商品將恢復原價計算。
● 退貨後未達滿額贈品門檻,贈品亦需隨退貨商品一併退回

Can I return/exchange goods?

Please note that for hygiene and safety, tattoo equipment does not have a "7-day appreciation period."

※ Intimate reminder:

1. There is no trial period for tattoo equipment products. If there is a new product failure or a new product defect, the product must be returned in its original state, without being used, the packaging box is intact, and the film has not been opened.

2. Only one free return and exchange service is provided for each order. Please make sure to check the goods before applying for return or exchange. If you need to return or exchange other goods after the first application, you will be responsible for the shipping cost. (If the product does not meet the free shipping standard after the return, the original order will be added to the announced shipping fee)

3. If you need to return or exchange the goods, please email to: howandping@gmail.com and fill in the "order number", "reason" and "contact information" you want to apply for return.

4. If you have read the description of the return and exchange method, or confirmed with the customer service specialist that the required information for the return and exchange is correct, the specialist will handle the follow-up process of the return and exchange for you.

5. If you are paying by credit card in installments, only the entire order will be returned, and partial return services cannot be provided.

6. Additional purchase price, combination discount, full discount or full gift order:
● When the main product is returned, and only the additional purchased products are retained, the additional purchased products will be restored to the original price calculation.
● Combination discounts and full discounts. If the number or amount of discounted items is not reached after returning, the original price calculation will be restored for the reserved products.
● After returning the goods, if the threshold of the full gift is not reached, the gift must also be returned together with the returned product